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GEO Dock – Wireless Charging Dock

GEO Dock – Wireless Charging Dock

Short Description

Product Size: 83 x 80 x 47 (mm)

● Wireless charging dock with ergonomic angle, FOD safe charge protection.

● Fast charging (7.5W / 10W) for Apple and Android.

● Beautiful Géo light as charging indication.

Got a QI charging phone? Than this charging dock might be the coolest gadget for your desktop! The Géo dock is an ergonomic fast charging wireless charger. Both iOS (7.5W) and Android (10W) can charge in fastest speed possible! Géo Dock recharges your device simply: you just have to lay it on its oblique soft touch black surface and let the Géo do it’s magic in a speedy way.

Safety First: Features the most recent safety circuit that will immediately stop the charge if it detects a foreign object on its surface that is not a Qi device.


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